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  • Leveling

    You guys have done a lot of great work, but i have noticed that one of the main ways to level is through FC runs, and getting these runs with your first Char requires a squad or a high leveled Char of a friend, So i just wanted to suggest some sort of first char only item that would increase exp gain from quests and general grinding, like an upgraded training esoterica or something of the sort that would assist people with no higher leveled characters, i understand that this seems like im just whining, just most people have had to level multiple chars from scratch and having a boost would be a great help.

    P.S the nightshade classes cant use the instant 95 crystal, so thats out of the question, and requires donations.

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    Hi there,

    This is an interesting suggestion, and something we will consider. We do understand it can be a daunting process to level a character and you will find that GMs will frequently do EXP or Leveling events to help boost you.
    Fairly early on in the game you receive some hyper-EXP stones from your unique reward chest, which are useful.

    Also to note: We can arrange for the level 95 instant crystal to work on nightshades. Just contact a GM or make a ticket before your purchase and we'll be happy sort it for you.

    PwE Game Master & Game Sage Manager
    Satine Satiyn SATiNE Satina Stellah