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    Hello everyone :)
    Please could you make basic badges tradable, like the essences of offence and defence?
    Or make an event that drops badges.
    It is difficult to find a team for the warsong runs and to get a full set reforged requires 42 runs.

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    meh i think basic badges are fine, a ws run only needs 2 people. squads i do usually 10 mins of pav and around 10-20 mins of the run, so lets say 30 mins total, thats 21 hours. sure that may sound like a lot but r9r3 isnt meant to be easy per say so 21 hours over a few weeks should be easily possible
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      I cannot tank the bosses without a priest. This limits who the 2nd person can be. We had a team of only dds and had to abandon the run after a very long wait.
      Also in teams there is a tendency now for 1 or 2 people to keep the emblems and molds for themselves only.
      This is equal to a collective of people working in an office, but with only 1 or 2 people being paid.
      If there was an event with only basic badges being dropped there would be no reason to set team to free, and thus no reason for only 1 person to end up with an entire team's loot.
      Or if the badges were made tradable people with extra badges could sell them.
      Together we are 2 people ;) Thank you in advance Sassy.