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Guide: Diplay pictures on the forum with

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  • Guide: Diplay pictures on the forum with

    Go to

    1. Click on "Join Now" or "Sign Up" (just take 1 minute to register).

    2. Put your username to be, and password and Fill in your personal details

    3. After registration you can start to upload your pictures, just click on "my albums -> albums & uploads".

    4. Click on the big button "Upload".

    5. Just browse your computer and select the picture that you want to upload.
    When you do a screenshot "prt scr" key on your keyboard pictures are saved in your perfect world uk directory
    C:\Program Files\Perfect World Europe\element\screenshots (default)

    6. You can add title/description/tags to your picture, once done either click on "return to album" or "add tags to entire album".

    7. Now THIS is what you want, select and copy the "IMG code" (ctrl+c) and paste it (ctrl+v) in your new post on perfect world uk.
    That will display your picture :)

    8. You can as well edit your pictures, if you want to resize them or crop it...
    Just click on the "Edit" link on top of each picture to edit it.

    9. Click on crop or resize follwoing to what you want to do.

    10. We will just have a quick look to the "Resize" option.
    The ideal size for the perfect world europe forum is "700px" width.
    So put 700 for exemple and once done just click on "Save as copy" to create a new file or "Replace original".

    We hope you will find this guide usefull! :)

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    Re: Guide: Diplay pictures on the forum with

    Kewl its wot i use all the time but i know i have had to explain it to a few people aswell =)


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      Re: Guide: Diplay pictures on the forum with

      frank whats ur hp btw?


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        very nice tip .. thanks