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  • PWE Ingame Rules

    Rules of Conduct in Game

    Below following are the official Rules of Conduct regarding user conduct when participating in the Perfect World Europe game. For the Forum rules please click here ( viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2).

    Please understand that the Rules of Conduct, by its very nature, is an organic set of guidelines and will be updated and/or altered periodically. It is your individual responsibility to check this thread periodically for updates and changes to our current Forums policies.

    Character Creation

    Illegal or non-English symbols in character names
    Non-English characters, and those that cannot be found on a normal UK keyboard may not be used in character names. This includes symbols, Asian text, accented characters, letters with tildes or umlauts, and ligatures. Any players found with an illegally named character will be given 24 hours in which to transfer their equipment etc, after which these characters will be permanently deleted. Any characters found with profanity in their names will instantly be deleted.

    Names should not include any of the following:

    - Impersonate PW Staff, moderators or anyone affiliated with PW Entertainment.
    - Profanity or obscene words.
    - Direct Harassment (For example, naming yourself BobSucks.)
    - Promote other games or advertise products.
    - Racial/ethnic remarks.
    - Sexual references such as diseases and body parts.
    - Gibbersh (For example, names containing random letters and numbers such as ffjvubjr or 3vj32j23.)
    - Foreign characters of any kind.
    - Personal information.

    The same rules will apply to pet names.

    Changing your characters appearance
    Small changes of appearance: eyes, body, hair,color, etc, outside of the game parameters is allowed. However, players are not allowed to make extreme alterations to their characters body build. This includes excessively large, or thin characters which may affect PvP aspects of the game. Anyone found with extreme alterations, will be asked to re-makeover their character within 24 hours. Failure to do so will result in a 3 day ban, and their character’s looks reset by a GM.

    Duplicate names
    Everyone wants to have a character name which is personal to them and sometimes the name you want is already taken. We have noticed a growing fashion for players duplicating the names of other players using only minor differences. We do not really approve of this as it can make identifying the correct player in cases of infractions difficult.

    In cases such as these if the original owner of the name registers a complaint then the new character will have to have its name changed. If we do not receive a complaint no action will be taken, but please be aware that you may be held responsible for the actions of the duplicate simply because of mistaken identity. This rule also applies to guild names.


    Account Creation
    All accounts created must be made using the users own details. Under no circumstances are you allowed to use another persons personal details. "Fake" emails, temporary emails, or other "Mailinator" type email generators are not allowed. Any accounts breaching these rules will be immediately terminated.

    Account Security
    At PWE we take your account security very seriously. At all times account security is your own responsibility, but following these guidelines should ensure this is never an issue.

    Account Sharing
    Your details should never be shared with others, this is your account name, password or Email. If you think that someone has access to your account you should change your password immediately. In the event of items going missing due to a player sharing their account the GM’s will not assist.

    Transfer / Sale of Accounts
    This is not recommended by the PWE staff, but not ban-able. In the event of an ownership dispute, GMs will investigate the use of the account. Favor will be given to the player who has spent the most time, commitment, or donations to the account. In some cases this may lead to the transfer or division of goods.

    Account Misbehavior
    You are responsible for the actions of your account so if it is logged in by a friend and they break a rule then your account will be reprimanded for it. This also goes for banned players gaining access to your account, they have been banned for a reason and if caught on your account then it will also be banned. This enforces our previous rule, never share your account details.

    In Game

    Cheating, Glitching, Botting
    Anyone found attempting or using exploits of any kind in game may be permanently removed from the server without warning. We have a zero tolerance policy on cheaters as they ruin the game for genuine players.
    This includes but is not limited to;

    Using 3rd party programs to manipulate or alter the game.

    Using exploits or glitches to gain items, gold, experience or bypass challenges.

    Using bot’s or any other automated tool that is not part of the PWE client.

    Dual Clienting / Multi Logging
    A player is considered to be Dual clienting or multi logging when one person is using two or more accounts simultaneously. It does not matter if the player is using a single computer or multiple ones, it is not allowed.

    Players are allowed to have two accounts online at one time, however one must remain in the safety zone/city at all times. Players can do what they wish with the additional account (ie: set up stall, duel, chat, buff) as long as it stays within the city/safezone. Discrimination is not issued to household members who play together, as each individual is allowed 2 accounts online.

    Any players found to be using two or more accounts, or using two accounts outside of the safe zone will be subject to a 7 day ban for a 1st offence on all accounts and a 14 day ban for a 2nd offence. Repeat offenders will be dealt with on a case by case basis but could potentially be removed from the server.

    Foul Language
    Here at PWE we have players of all ages so we ask that you keep foul language out of chat, anyone bypassing the swear filter will be issued a warning, repeated small offences will receive a mute, major offences may constitute a ban. Any swearing in World chat will receive an automatic 30 min mute and a warning, repeat offenders will be dealt with on a case by case basis and may be subject to a long-term mute or ban.

    In all public channels, players must not:
    1. Transmit unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable content. Profanity filter dodging and filtered words/statements with clear vulgar intent will also be considered outright violations.
    2. Transmit sexually explicit images, text or other content that is deemed by PWE staff to be offensive.
    3. Impersonate any person including, but not limited to, representatives and staff of PWE .
    4. Advocate cheating during gameplay including, but not limited to, modification of the game program files.
    5. Harass, threaten, verbally abuse PWE as an entity along with its staffers, representatives and all registered users through any and all available channels (forums posts, PMs, in-game chat, etc.).
    6. Mention, as an advertisement or other promotional manner, other games, servers or companies associated with other online or offline games. This rule will be in effect across all chat-channels associated with PwE and Vision

    Cheat / Hack / Exploit Reporting
    All forms of reporting, must be done through a GM or Admin. This can be done by contacting a GM immediately via in-game PM, forum PM, discord PM. If no GM is online to give you further instructions, then all reports must be sent via support ticket. A link to the support ticket zone is located on your account page.

    Cheat accusations is highly discouraged in public chat channels (common chat, world chat, horn chat, forum ect.). Constant cheat accusation in public channels will be considered as slander and harassment. These will be dealt with on a case-by-case matter, but could potentially lead to a server mute, or temporary ban.

    PvP – Individual PvP rules for each server, please ensure you read the ones relevant to the server you are on.

    As of 05/09/2015, the PK/PvP rules will change to the following:
    • Players can freely PK any white named and red named players as they wish, in all map zones.
    • Griefing will be subject to ban under the GMs discretion.
    • PK/PvP is allowed at all events, (automatic, player run or GM run) unless explicitly expressed by a GM prior to the event. Non-PvP events will likely be expressed as a PvE only event.
    • Red/Pink names may attend all events, unless stated by the GM prior to the start of the event.
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    PWE Ingame Rules Continued:

    PvP Dropped items
    Players enter into PvP at their own peril. Using Guardian scrolls will prevent items from dropping as a result of dying, during battle however, if items are dropped then they are considered spoils of battle and belong to the victor.

    Attacking GMs
    Unless verbally confirmed at the time or during a specific event where it is clearly advertised it is an offence to attempt to PK a GM. Doing so will earn you a ban on the same scale as our generic PvP rules.

    GM events
    In rare cases GMs may announce and run PvE events, during these PvP is not allowed and will be PvE Event rules above

    Territory Wars

    As of 01/01/2016 Guilds no longer have to register to bid. However any player, group or guild found abusing the TW bidding system will be subject to ban.

    Alt Guilds
    Guilds are allowed to make alliances however two guilds may not be controlled by the same group and used to advantage against others during TW (Alt guilds). Doing so can lead to player bans, and the dismantling of both guilds.

    Shill Bidding
    Any players found creating alt and dummy guilds for the purpose of bidding upon the parent guilds territory in order to prevent other guilds from challenging for these will have their guilds dismantled and and face a ban on all accounts. This is not in the spirit of the game and an offense we take seriously.

    General Rules

    GM/Player Interaction
    Fowl language towards GMs is not permitted. GMs will terminate all aid or assistance to players who act volatile, offensive or aggressive towards them. With this in mind, all members of the Vision Staff are expected to act professionally and respectively to players, and we ask that players will interactive with GMs and staff with the same respect.

    Any players found interrupting the work of GMs, or obstructing a GMs work during Events, bug testing, player assistance, ect will be subject to ban under the discretion of the GM involved. With this in mind, any player looking to, or going out of their way to break rules will be subject to similar punishment. We will not tolerate players who intentionally disrupt events or GM work.

    Disclosure of personal Information of another player
    Under no circumstances are you to disclose or share personal information of another player without their explicit permission.
    • This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Their full real name
    • Links to their social media profiles, including instant messaging platforms
    • Information and details on their family
    • Contact information (eg email, telephone number)
    • Account Information
    All other personal information is considered under GM discretion. A player found breaking this rule, will be subject to all accounts in their possession being terminated immediately.
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      updated [28/10/2014] to clarify the rules of foul language in public channels.
      PwE Game Master & Game Sage Manager
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        All rules which are in force on the forum, are all in force (or a guideline to rules) in-game.

        Thanks for asking though! I'll add it to the list to make it more clear.
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          Update rules 27.04.2015.

          Please reflect on the new rules added under "Account Creation".

          General Rules have also been added to clarify current rules, and will be updated fully in time.
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            Updated PvP,and TW Rules.
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            PM MEVOTE RULES


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              Just a reminder:

              There is no warning to breaking the multi-client/dual logging rule. If you are caught doing it, its a 7 day ban for first offence. You will not be warned before the ban.
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                Updated 01/02/2017

                Added rules for:
                Disclosure of personal Information of another player
                Cheat / Hack / Exploit Reporting

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                  Updated PvP rules (has been in affects for some time)
                  • PK/PvP will not be allowed at GM events when they are stated as None PvP.
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                    Update to account sharing rules.

                    The rules will be updated numerous times over the next few days to reflect the current state.
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                      Update to PvP rules.
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                      PM MEVOTE RULES