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In Responce to Recent Drama and Cheat Accusations

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  • In Responce to Recent Drama and Cheat Accusations

    Hello all,

    This will be a long one, but please take the time to read it all through carefully.

    Influx in drama

    As most of you have noticed, there has been an influx of guild vs guild drama lately which has generally made the PWE public chat channels fairly unpleasant for many players. Now, usually GMs have no need to interfere with such things. As Perfect World has a pretty big competitive element to it, and players take pride in their guilds, soon or later there is bound to be some aspect of clash or insults thrown.

    As GMs, itís an incredibly difficult situation for us to work on when things get out of hand. We never truly get a full understanding of the situation as we are never involved in it ourselves. The nature of our jobs generally keeps us away from the majority of player-to-player (or guild-to-guild)interactions.

    With that in mind, all we ask is that players think before they throw insults to another player or guild. You are saying this in a public channel where everyone will read it. You are a member of a guild and you represent them. Throwing bad insults around in public and global chats, will ultimately give your guild a bad name to anyone outside it.

    Reports on Cheating

    Currently there is a big misconception regarding how we deal with cheaters. Cheating, Exploiting and Hacking is our most serious concern on PWE, and in no way tolerated. Any form of cheating devalues other players hard work, time, effort and generous donations that they have spent getting there character to where it is.

    PWE already has some anti-cheat programs in place to detect such things, which for obvious reasons, I cannot disclose. All GMs online are constantly on the look-out for any form of cheating.
    With this in mind, the hard fact is: we just donít always see everything. We greatly rely on players to report any forms of cheating they come across. Every report that we receive is checked out. No report is too small and all are carefully looked at. All these take a great considerable amount of time to go through but eventually we do look at them all.
    No player is immune from bans/muting/punishment. We are aware of the rumour that players who donate large amounts, are immune from punishment. I cannot emphasise enough how wrong this rumour is. If you found to be cheating, you will get banned. There is no ďget out of jail free cardĒ to be purchased.

    In regards to cheat accusations, we are highly discouraging players to post these accusations in public or world chat. It does no-one a favour. Report it to a GM who can deal with the player properly. If you publicly call them out, they will work to hide their cheats from GMs and other players, which makes it harder for us to crack down on cheaters. In addition to this, if you turn out to be wrong, it only leads to hate and drama. No-one likes to be called a cheat when they havenít cheated. In the majority of cases, a GM will respond to the report with the result of the inquiry.
    With these recent events, we have found the need to make a few additions to our rules. These will be posted below as well as on our official Rule page.

    Kind regards,
    ~The GM Team
    PwE Game Master & Game Sage Manager
    Satine Satiyn SATiNE Satina Stellah

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    Rule Changes

    Disclosure of personal Information of another player

    Under no circumstances are you to disclose or share personal information of another player without their explicit permission.
    This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Their full real name
    • Links to their social media profiles, including instant messaging platforms
    • Information and details on their family
    • Contact information (eg email, telephone number)
    • Account Information
    All other personal information is considered under GM discretion. A player found breaking this rule, will be subject to all accounts in their possession being terminated immediately.

    Cheat / Hack / Exploit Reporting

    All forms of reporting, must be done through a GM or Admin. This can be done by contacting a GM immediately via in-game PM, forum PM, discord PM. If no GM is online to give you further instructions, then all reports must be sent via support ticket. A link to the support ticket zone is located on your account page.

    Cheat accusations is highly discouraged in public chat channels (common chat, world chat, horn chat, forum ect.). Constant cheat accusation in public channels will be considered as slander and harassment. These will be dealt with on a case-by-case matter, but could potentially lead to a server mute, or temporary ban.

    PwE Game Master & Game Sage Manager
    Satine Satiyn SATiNE Satina Stellah


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      rules change for who ????and better say for who is rules.......


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        Originally posted by cipryxxl View Post
        rules change for who ????and better say for who is rules.......
        For everyone - it has been updated in the official server rules
        PwE Game Master & Game Sage Manager
        Satine Satiyn SATiNE Satina Stellah