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  • Lycaeum of Cultivation Guide

    A little guide to help with the instance. This is the one I used. The last boss is difficult and I haven't killed it yet but it was left on about 5% hp last time i did Lycaeum of Cultivation.

    After entering and taking the quest.

    You need to stop all mobs entering the blue circle at one end of the room using the guards, a puffbird and yourself.

    The Guards

    To activate a guard, click it, press Ctrl and click one of your scarab skills. Each guard will cost you 100 credits, though the first guard is free.

    Attacking in Fox Form will not work.

    When you first activate a guard, it will have an aoe fire attack. If you attack it again (using Ctrl + click skill), it will switch to an aoe physical attack. Attack it again, and it will go back to its aoe fire attack. Guards only have these these two types of attacks.

    If you get close to a guard you will suffer a bit of damage, but nothing worth worrying about. They won't do much more than 10 pts of dmg.

    The Puffbird

    This little guy has three different debuffs:

    - HP reduction
    - Slow
    - Armor break

    These debuffs will always cycle in this order. You can cycle through them the same way you activate and switch the guards: Ctrl + click skill.

    What to do when?

    A message will pop up in the middle of your screen to announce the upcoming waves of mobs. But be careful, it isn't always right. The type of mobs that it announces is correct, but sometimes their resistance is wrong. In example: "A wave of speedy kowlins (fire resistant) is approaching!". Sometimes they will be fire resistant, but other times they will be physical resistant. It's important to be prepared to click on the mobs and check before switching your guards.

    Broken Dolls

    - Puffbird: HP reduction (1st debuff)
    - Guards: either fire or physical since they have no resistance

    Raving Teddies

    - Puffbird: HP reduction (1st debuff)
    - Guards: depends on resistance (fire for phys res, phys for fire res)

    Speedy Kowlins

    - Puffbird: Slow (2nd debuff)
    - Guards: depends on resistance (fire for phys res, phys for fire res)

    Armored Shaodu Cubs

    - Puffbird: Armor break (3rd debuff)
    - Guards: depends on resistance (fire for phys res, phys for fire res)

    Sly Fox

    Here's where your pet comes in. Simply send your pet after the Sly Fox and it will die easy. The Sly Foxes are announced by a pop up message.


    Use Soul Degeneration and it will die easily.


    Purge it and it will die easily.


    Kill it with your scarabs.

    *These three special mobs are also announced by a pop up message: "Feral souls are entering the Lycaeum of Cultivation!".

    The final boss

    Quoted from Desdi:

    "The boss needs to have all the debuffs thus it's generally adviced to use Parasitic Nova to freeze it in place and change the puffbird debuff at the same time so then you'll only need to attack the puffbird one more time and the boss will have all three debuffs on it. The mode of the guards doesn't matter.

    Additionally, if you keep rotating through Parasitic Nova and Stunning Blow (get ready to burn some serious chi here, Demon Venomancers are adviced to have Cloud Eruption on genie) you can actually get the boss killed without needing all guards up. A successful rotation of those two skills will keep the boss locked down long enough that usually the last 2-3 guards don't even get to touch it. "

    This was taken from ... ?t=1614191

    Personal Tips
    1. Change the puffbird first then activate the guard for the upcoming wave.
    2. Make your pet stay somewhere in the middle as it can get caught in the puffbirds slow and put it on manual.
    3. Don't get caught up in activating the guards and puffbird you forget about sly foxes etc.
    4. Use casting gear.


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    Re: Lycaeum of Cultivation Guide

    Very nice...I went there, didnt know what the hell was going on, my herc started thumping the puffbird like the bird had just had sex with his sister and then these sly foxes appeared and I thought...hmm Ahra's family are here then. Then i left as confused as I was when I arrived.

    So thank you, a very nice little guide.