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  • Errand Quest help

    I just picked up this quest from the banker, and he wanted me to gather up some items, so i did but no banker has a quest completion for me to turn it into.
    also there is some errors on this quest as-well.

    here is a pic of the quest.
    i did the url and not the img tags because the forums dose not resize it, and its a rather large pic and sprawls all over the place.

    the npc listed there is not where auto route take's me to ( a lvl 80ish area.)
    and it says i can turn it into any banker but i cant, what am i missing?

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    Re: Errand Quest help

    Hmm ok so far i cant see anything wrong with it , but i will try look into it further unless someone else sees the problem, at the moment only thing i ca think of is if theres a hidden level requirement il try test this in game :)


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      Re: Errand Quest help

      The banker quests are in 2 phases, the first are the low level mats you listed in your screenshot. The second are sort of lvl 20-30 mats (or rather the mats that drop from 20-30 lvl mobs)

      As far as I know it is any banker but I vaguely recall being told to visit the banker in Etherblade (The western end) you could try that first.


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        Re: Errand Quest help

        You should hand the Bank Extension quest in to the Banker NPC you took it from.

        The auto path is a little buggy and will sometimes take you to the geographically nearest bank instead of the one you need to hand it in to.

        As you are a low-ish level the banker will probably be in your race's home city. There are 2 bankers in each city (one at either end usually) so be sure to check both.

        Alternatively, you can trash the quest and re-take it at any banker, then hand the items in to the same NPC right away.


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          Re: Errand Quest help

          Let us know if any of the above worked as i didnt get chance to log in today stupid RL work always in the way ;)