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  • Missing Mobs/ NCP

    i would like report a few missing mobs and ncps

    Pharmacist Austen 366 518 (47) (it stat last update it been fixed... NOT really)
    Where the Mob Soul of Nihility i don't see them at all...

    lvl 75 quest
    Where the corpse of Zodddy base at? ( should be at 116 962) it for qeust Frost Walk Blizzard (opening Cemetary)

    please reply and keep us update ty


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    Re: Missing Mobs/ NCP

    other missing NCP

    should be at ChronoWheel 1 - Tears of Heaven: 370 517 (47)

    the NCP should be called Grocery Merchant Danny

    please keep us udate when bug fixed!


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      Re: Missing Mobs/ NCP

      dont worry they do that and when you get a reply all it is is a cut and paste saying this update is not impicated yet and it will work when its fixed like that helps to be honest
      Ive come across like 5 problems on here and the response is even the same from them on the help desk its like they have been told to say it,
      its a shame a good game yet lacking coders unless its to make money :(
      problems include :
      fairy of wind ;-
      frost walk ;-
      this 1;-
      undestuctable novel ;-
      and skills nirvana upwards.
      So maby if theres a item needed to take the bug of that cost you cubi to get maby then they will fix it ok m8 lmao


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        Re: Missing Mobs/ NCP

        Well, our GMs aren't the developers of the game, so when our GMs get the patches they will put them in, simple as. If they don't have the patch, they can't possibley do it. The player helpers on the help desk would say the same as the GMs because thats exactly how it is, they can't really lie just to make you happy.

        Also, what's wrong with the 'Fairy of Winds' ? I haven't heard anything about them yet...


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          Re: Missing Mobs/ NCP

          Fairy of Winds were broken but they're fixed now.


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            Re: Missing Mobs/ NCP

            oh yer sorry they fixed em thats right and they cost cubi my bad :lol: