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Combine Fire Water/Ghost Realm quests.

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  • Combine Fire Water/Ghost Realm quests.

    Right, first of all which pearl you get will depend upon which of the tower quests you chose at level 50+.

    Tower of Sheol You will get the quest for the pearl of frost
    Tower of Shade You will get the quest for the pearl of flame

    You can NOT get both, therefore you DO need the help of another player.

    Basically once you have the quest for the pearl (quest is the white ghost realm, and will ask for either the pearl of frost or pearl of flame) you go kill a dark one. If however you want to help your friends/guildies out DO NOT HAND THIS IN! Instead trade the pearl with a friend/guildie/alt and then go and kill the dark one to get another pearl of the same type. You can do this as many times as you like, so long as you do not hand the quest in to the village chief.

    You will then have to hope that another player/friend/guildy has read this, and done the same to get a number of pearls of the other type, and then either do a swap or trade to get the other you need. Once you have both you can then complete the combine fire water quest. You do however need the co-operation of another player in order to complete this, otherwise you will not be able to get the 2nd pearl type.

    Once you hand in the white Ghost Realm Quest, you will NEVER get another pearl drop for that character EVER again.