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Rancor Plot - Guide (70+)

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  • Rancor Plot - Guide (70+)

    Advice, do not try to solo this chain! Many parts involve areas with quite high level mobs.

    1) Go to shore of sparrow drawing, explore the area until you get a pop up message.
    2) Find Necrophil Hexaraneid and kill it until the rancor army fragment, you will find it not far from Camp of Sumor (to the N,E,E), it's a big purple spider that wanders around.
    3) Locate Franrit Leaders (there are about 4 of them) (to S, E, E of Clan of Haste, small guy with claws) and kill it until you get the rancor army fragment.
    4) Take these to Adjutant Aracin in Ancient Dragon City.
    5) Speak to Adjutant Sinclair
    6) Speak to winge elf veteran in north east ADC.
    7) Speak to Guard HAMPTON at the north gate of ADC.
    8) Speak to Blacksmith Spark in west ADC.
    9) Speak to Guard Hampton again.
    10) Speak to Boatman in ADC harbour.
    11) Kill Betrayer Welster, who is actually in Land of Heart Burning to the nurth of Fire Bathing Village, so take care as the mobs here are quite high level (about level 84).
    12) Speak again to Adjutant Sinclair in ADC.
    13) Speak to Wise Person Ian who is stood on the tower in North ADC.


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    Re: Rancor Plot - Guide (70+)


    Why did they made the first rancor plot mission from lvl 70 to 79, as it came in later and lots of peoples were over 79 already, and din't get a change to do those missions.. as you'll need the first mission to open to others...



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      Re: Rancor Plot - Guide (70+)

      I think (I could be wrong) there is one that's 70-79, one that's 80-89, and one that is 90+. And as far as i know they get harder each time. I also hear that you can only do ONE so it doesnt really matter which one you do, but you can always get the same benefits.


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        Re: Rancor Plot - Guide (70+)

        ah ok, fair enough :)


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          Re: Rancor Plot - Guide (70+)

          for the first step does anyone knows where exactly in that spot u get the pop up message plz?


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            Re: Rancor Plot - Guide (70+)

            Just drop on the ground where the burned houses are for that beach.