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Nation Wars Cross-Server Exploit

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  • Nation Wars Cross-Server Exploit


    I have been informed by quite a lot of people that during Nation Wars, a lot of players (mainly from PWFrance) have not been playing fair at all.

    They have apparently been joining matches for around 10 seconds then leaving to steal a bunch of points from the loot-table in that specified match.

    Doing this they quickly amass a lot of points for doing nothing but switching maps rather than staying and actually fighting.

    I'm not usually one to complain about events because I have gotten into trouble in the past for doing so, however this seems like abusing an exploit and is unfair.

    I worked my butt off on my Psychic a few weeks ago and only got 60 tokens, I then saw some of the French Nation boasting about their exploiting in World Chat on the Battle server.

    I am not asking for anymore loot, I'm simply stating that there are people ruining the loot for others in Nation Wars.


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    Re: Nation Wars Cross-Server Exploit

    I'm not entirely sure if its to do with this or is it just a glitch but I have heard some people who were doing this didn't actually get tokens at the end even with 40k points.

    But what I want to add is I still have a complaint from the weekend before where I was killed off a map at spawn point. I remember seeing somewhere before that it is not allowed, can't find this post.. think it was an archer using barrage on spawn point.

    Can someone confirm this? And did it change because PwF don't adhere to the same rules?

    P.S. It was French players and they gave me abuse when I said that it was not allowed.