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    Marks Forge

    The Marks forge NPCs can be found in the ‘North District’ of ‘Archosaur’ 546 673.

    The marks forge as implemented to bring players reasons to farm instances such as Twilight temple which has become less used for players who reach endgame. The ‘Marks Crafting: Forge’ offers a service to turn specific dungeon materials into a ‘Mark of ...’ these instance specific marks can then be used in the ‘Marks Exchange: Forge’ to craft various rewards.

    Crafting Marks

    Each mark can have several different materials which can be used for crafting and some of these materials may not have a 100% craft chance. The Crafted marks are tradable, allowing players to buy and sell them.

    prices in this table may change in the future change

    Material / Num Items / Mark / Num Marks / Craft Chance
    Songflow Ringstone 100 Mark of QuickSand 1 100%
    Illusion Stone 1 Mark of Twilight 1 100%
    Heart of Nature 1 Mark of Twilight 3 100%
    Twilight Scepter 1 Mark of Twilight 3 100%
    Golden Mask 1 Mark of Twilight 2 100%
    Ancient Devil's Soul 1 Mark of Twilight 1 100%
    Dust of Stars 10 Mark of Twilight 1 Chance
    Ghost Lord's Ribbon 5 Mark of Twilight 1 Chance
    Uncanny Crystal 100 Mark of Nirvana 1 Chance
    Rapture Crystal 25 Mark of Nirvana 1 100%
    Crafting Rewards
    Unlike crafting Marks, all rewards have a 100% craft chance.
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