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  • NeatherBeast Tanking Team

    looking for a couple helpful people that could help tank boss each week one person from each guild would be nice so its fair

    spongeb0b has already pm'd me saying he would so mystic has 1 person so far in tank team

    post ur guild here if u would like to be in the tank team and if possible could we have a special week on rota for tank team

    one person from each guild will be in tank team and each rota it will change

    say it was Origins > Greeggs > Tank1 > Mystic

    when it falls onto tank one the person hu is tank one ( bob because he was first to offer his help ) the ring would go to mystic

    if it was Tank2 say me it would go to chaos because im in chaos

    it would go like this

    Origins > Tank1 > Greeggs
    Origins > Tank2 > Greeggs

    and so on ( tank team will go to the end of the que for now ) but this means we have a definate tank team for FFA and rotas and they still get drops for helping

    this ok?

    Tank Team:
    Tank1: spongeb0b

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    Re: NeatherBeast Tanking Team

    it isnt broken so doesnt need fixing this is pointless.


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      Re: NeatherBeast Tanking Team

      I dont think its fair the same people help every week and get nothing for it

      one person from each guild isnt asking alot

      and i dont care anyone about this im fed up of stupid comments from origins guild about me trying to fix neatherbeast somebody else can do it

      and you may not think its broken ember but i get people complaining to me and i try to do something to make it better for them

      hardly anyone bothers with FFA now because they dont get drops not notice how less people show up now?

      you only think nothing is wrong because u get the drops and dont care about anyone else that goes even tho u need them to do the boss so why dont u stop trying to have a go at me and being so negitive

      and next time u have something to say about me dont say it in adc public chat behind my back say it to my face and u know nothing about what u were talking about so keep ur nose out of it and leave me the hell alone i have done nothing to u but slag me of or have a go at me again and i will not keep quiet any longer


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        Re: NeatherBeast Tanking Team

        Stop fighting over a stupid event (sorry GM :oops: ). Sunny u're doing a great job with this and i really think u should continue with 'managing' this rota thing. As for tank team it's not a great or bad idea. Usually in tank team we have either as WB: Kain, TheGurth, Felix, MangaMan and some others that already are in a guild and can get ring from rota and as EP is kinda random i guess but they are in rota guilds also. Maybe guild masters should take care that EP's and WB's that are on tank team every week get 1 ring at some point.
        Tbh i wouldn't mind skipping FFA week and make it an every week rota and add there small guilds too like Asylum if they get 6 people to attend. They can't get the ring anyways because they don't stand big chances over a great DD team that Origins or Greeggs have. But it's just an idea of mine :P
        Personally i just enjoy the fact that there is an event to attend every week ( and i never missed this event) and as Vykos said we should get along for 30 min / week.


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          Re: NeatherBeast Tanking Team

          Every week rota isn't allowed Cryssa. I am afraid that we on the GM team INSIST upon the free for all week. Please do not discuss further wanting to make the rota every week again.




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            Re: NeatherBeast Tanking Team

            LOL Fen i wasn't asking that. Was just an opinion.