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  • NEW! Looking for a group? Try here!

    We have recently noticed a growing trend for some players to want to organise events etc with a rota. Now we can understand that players do need assistance with some events, however we do feel that there is a better way than setting up a rota for everything, the problem with a rota been that there is always either a 'leader' or a group that acts as a leader when a rota is put into place, a risky proposition we are certain you will agree.

    As such, for the benefit of ALL of our players, we would ask that no further rotas be set up. Instead, to help you folks out, we have set up this brand new forum! Please use this forum to organise groups in advance to attempt harder auto events etc (eg. Dragon Palace) on a one at a time basis. Drops should be agreed by the group then formed for within that group only, please do not expect other groups to give you their drops. The only rota that will be allowed in here is the existing one for Netherbeast City.

    Also, we would like to ask that you do NOT try to set up rotas or similar for GM led events, including ADC invasions. By all means set up teams, but do not try to effect who gets what drops, you are of course as always welcome to organise who gets what from the drops your own team gets.

    The Perfect World GM Team