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    Re: NetherBeast City Rota

    I wish others would read my posts properly. I never once referred to you not allowing your guild to take part as that's not what I took from your post. I only referred to you yourself not taking part in the rota.

    And ok, you've clearly made your decision over this. I was only giving a few suggestions.


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      Re: NetherBeast City Rota

      Hello there!

      And happy new year to you all! :) i am not sure that it is starting very well for some unfortunatly, especially because of this long argument.

      I am not sure either that this reply will change any mind, which is a shame, but we always try to act in the fairest way for everybody and not just couple of players or guilds.

      On the first point we did say that we wanted to stay out of the rota and wanted to leave you guys handle it. What has to be understood here and we stick to it, is the rota itself, when you are in Nether with pre-defined guilds and players that's you who define who will get the ring and that we fully stay out of it - your rota.

      Now we wanted as much as you to give a shot to your rota system, unfortunatly it just seems that arguments have never stopped since the very first day the idea came up.

      The idea pleased some of you and upset others. Not everybody complained on the forum but if we now want to come up with a compromise it is because we have been contacted by many players that complained about that system.

      Many players just dont want to have the feeling that this rota is organised by couple of players or guilds.

      The main fact is that at first this event is just done to be a free for all and that's it.

      Now some of you already complain that if we do one week "rota" and the other "free for all" the "rota" group will have less ring to share which just saying it is rather egoist to all the other players that wanted to try to attend this event without having to be "forced" to be part of the rota.

      This is a very hard event to finish and it has been done this way, if smaller guilds or players want to give it a shot they must have the right to do it, failing or succeeding...

      We dont know what is going to happen during the free for all but as some of you well understand anybody can get in and that will just be the lucky one to get the ring, just the way the event has been designed...

      And the rota week and your system as said, we do not interfer with - your teams - your players - the reward to the person of your choice.

      In anycase with a small calculation even on a weekly basis that's just 52 rings that can be released per year which is simply not a lot at all if you compare it to our number of active players. If you complain here imagine on some other server with even more player, the ring would just be close to be impossible to obtain for any normal player, when here, rota and free for all it would still be.

      Now if some players just want to remove themself from the event it is their own choice.

      It is very true that this event has caused a lot of arguments and that even before the very recent idea from the GM to alternate the "rota" and the "free for all".

      We will make an official announce on this matter very soon. Not many changes will be made, we are not denying any access or even stopping the rota, and yet alot of arguments have arisen from nothing. It is just a shame that some of our choices to try to bring back some impartiality are just seen the wrong way.

      As this is an official reply to some arguments we do not expect it to be seen by many of the players against our descision the good way, saying that we just hope that futile arguments will stop.

      As we hate to do but sadly sometimes have to, if this post degenerate we will lock it.

      We do remind you that this very section "Looking for Group/Team" has been done on purpose for you guys to try to build up teams via the forum for anything that you want to organise basically, not to argue.


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        Re: NetherBeast City Rota

        i know its a little late to post on here but, this is a game and you're meant to have fun in it. So can everyone just shut it and get along.

        Opal xxx