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  • NetherBeast City Rota

    Rota all new guilds will be added to the bottom

    1. Chaos + 1
    2. Greeggs + 1
    3. Guardians + 1
    4. Midnight + 1
    5. Evolved + 1
    6. Mystic +1

    If getting the ring fails the same guild stays in place till it has the ring
    If no one from the guild attends on their week they forfit the ring to the next on the list should they have someone present.
    We all agree to work as a whole regaurdless of personal feelings and guild tentions.
    All the other bosses are free for all.

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    Re: NetherBeast City Rota

    This has been moved into this shiny new forum. Please hoever keep posts directly related to the rota, no discussion or debate. Any other posts will be deleted with notice or explanation.

    The GM Team


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      Re: NetherBeast City Rota

      Gratz Guardians on your ring once again.

      Next week Midnight till next time guys.


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        Re: NetherBeast City Rota

        Gratz Midnight on your ring once again.

        Next week Evolved till next time guys.


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          Re: NetherBeast City Rota

          I'm out i try to set up somethnig everyone tot was nice but no.

          Giving up have it ur way the end


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            Re: NetherBeast City Rota

            Just to pre-empt and forewarn the small the guilds the GM’s in their ultimate wisdom have decided to introduce a free for all week every other week on the final boss.
            I was informed of this mid fight on the boss this week by “Fenrook” in a chat room with “Puddytat”, “Rainbow”, “Maneater” and myself.
            When I put it to Fen that they should take over the running of the rota to include other guilds with over level 80 players, as the GM’s are in a position to see who is at what level very easily this was flatly refused, as was the other option I offered where upon should a guild wish to try for it themselves without any help from outsiders on their week they should be allowed to do so.
            In short from what transpired from the conversation was that the GM’s had already made up their mind on this subject and were not willing to listen to other options.
            Maneater and myself did point out that this was not fair on the lesser guilds, whom are in need of the help of other guilds to achieve this goal, and in some case some may feel the need to act obstructively on these free weeks.
            I strongly urge all guilds should refrain from such actions but that is all I can do.
            After leaving the chat room I consulted my own guild Mystic as to what we should do, and we have come to the conclusion that on these so called free weeks Mystic will be boycotting Netherbeast and on Rota weeks we will be giving you all the fullest support we can muster and what is at our disposal.
            To the guilds on the rota list sorry about the longer wait for the ring but this was something that was taken out of our hands and is totally the pandering to the minority.


            P.S. Welcome Origins to the rota you guild will be added to the end of the list and we are over joyed that you have joined us on the rota system


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              Re: NetherBeast City Rota

              Always nice to see my name mentioned ^^

              We were indeed called into a chat with GM fenrook this evening as NBL was drawing to a close to discuss the rota system. In a nut shell there are quite a few people opposed to it each with their own reasons and one thing that resonated through the arguements for and against is that this event was never designed to be on a rota system. The choices they had were either to remove the rota or find a common ground.

              The solution they came up with was to alternate the NBL event, one week on rota, one Free for all. Yes it means some of the smaller guilds will have to wait a while longer to get their drop which is unfortunate unless of course they team up and find some strategies of their own, it is FFA after all. :)

              There will obviously be opposition to this as there was to the rota in the first place but I do honestly believe it's a fair compromise. It's very easy to look for someone to blame or to blow it out of proportion but in reality we're no worse off than we were before the rota and f anything it adds an extra element of challenge to the event.

              As always i'm happy to discuss my views with anyone who wants to chat here or in game so feel free to give me a shout :)


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                Re: NetherBeast City Rota

                Puddy stole a lot of what I wanted to say. :) But here's what I was typing anyway:

                I'll keep this simple as I really don't want a flaming match.

                It isn't the responsibility of the GMs to police this rota that the players have decided to host. This applies to both of your suggestions. The first suggestion, well it's obvious that is player responsibility and is also easily doable. A rule was already set in place (which through player neglect seems to have become twisted) where a guild needs to provide a full team to contribute successfully towards the rota. The second suggestion is solely a rota issue, it had nothing to do with the chat box which was to discuss the new system which is to be implemented. If a guild wishes to try for themselves on their rota week then that's great, they can really feel like they earned it but yes, it was off topic.

                A small suggestion also for Mystic if they would like to continue with Netherbeast of the Free weeks. Since the idea on these weeks is that whoever gets the ring drop is able to do whatever they wish with the ring, then I would see nothing stopping Mystic from passing the ring to the guild which is next on the rota if they manage to win the ring that week and then continuing the rota the following week.

                Correct me if I'm wrong on that. As I said it was a suggestion.


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                  Re: NetherBeast City Rota

                  Like i said i stop caring now i designed this to help out thw lower guilds alot with this boss now this pain thing has come into it and they have to wait even longer. the rota is not mine now looks like u over took it so have it i give up like i said in my last post.


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                    Re: NetherBeast City Rota


                    Correct me if I’m wrong, but i have seen many post's from the GM's saying that they Will not interfere with the game play, is this not what they are doing ?
                    I have not taken part in NBC yet, as i have only been playing for a couple of months so I don't know how successful the rota has been, but there was a post on previous thread, viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2237&p=13308&hilit=rota+gm#p13 308 stating that Frank would not interfere in the running of the rota :?
                    I'm not trying to have a dig at the GM team as i think they do a brill job, under hard circumstances.

                    My suggestion would be that if Mystic want to boycott the "Free for all" weeks, that is there prerogative, but i think that it would be better for the bigger guilds to help and maybe donate the ring to a guild that is not on the rota due to small numbers or not enough high players, as i said just my thoughts :)



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                      Re: NetherBeast City Rota

                      Well after reading all of the above and after a very good night’s sleep with the addition of a lot of contemplation, my own personal position is that I’m not going to get into a mud slinging match over this issue.
                      To all the smaller guilds it is with a saddening heart that I myself personally will no longer be partaking in any aspect of Netherbeast for various reasons and some I will not publish publicly but if you ask me person I will gladly tell.
                      Instead I will be concentrating on the well being of my guild and its members as well as the other aspects of the game.
                      For me they can close of Netherbeast it’s causing way too much friction and bad feeling on all sides to the extent many players may feel the need to take matters into their own hands and risk a banning.
                      To all the smaller Guilds and their members my offer of help will always be there but with the exclusion of Netherbeast and if I have the time to help as well.
                      So to all you Netherbeast Players Good Luck and try and have fun.



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                        Re: NetherBeast City Rota

                        I would like to point out that i'm not talking for GREEGGS, but from a personal feeling. NB has caused a lot of problems, and will still cause problems with or without mystic's involvement. I can see helping smaller guilds to get the ring is very nice, but a guild that has maybe 3 or 4 people turn up and a guild that has 2 or 3 teams turn up can be frustrating to some people. Also a guild that gets the ring every six weeks that has 50-60 members and a guild that has 100+ members the amount of rings per player would be significatly less. I would like to see NB done every week and make these rings as common as muck, hopefully then people wont moan so much about it all.

                        Back to talking for GREEGGS, we always strive to play fair, not be greedy and help other guilds and people out when we can. If you do have a problem plz feel free to pm me in game and i will see what i can do to help. (please note i am not a tank even if i try to be at times).


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                          Re: NetherBeast City Rota

                          *composes self*

                          It seems a little over the top Gandalf for you to pull yourself out of Netherbeast City altogether simply because the GMs are trying to reach a compromise over this debate. I have been adamantly against this rota and against the wiping of the TW map but I have been there at every Netherbeast City Rush and TW that I have been available for since both debates.

                          You say you want to focus on helping your guild, well there is nothing stopping you from entering Netherbeast on the Free for All weeks and taking that ring for your guild. You are easily capable of it with the firepower your guild has.

                          Seems like you are cutting off your nose to spite your face, which is a big shame for your guild as I'd say it's affecting not only their chance at getting this silly ring, but also their reputation. (Please note, this is not meant to be slanderous but an observation which I think you should be made aware of.)


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                            Re: NetherBeast City Rota

                            Ho Here we go I really do wish people would actualy read things properly.

                            SO JUST GET ON WITH IT AND LEAVE ME OUT OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil: :x :x :x :x :x :x :x


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                              Re: NetherBeast City Rota

                              meh...there better molds in the game anyways, personally dont see wot all the fuss is about..i knew this rota would go wrong,soo i just sat back and watched.. personally i was against the rota from the start, i dont play the game to follow other players rules and regulations, but thts just in my nature(i dont take to control to well)
                              tbh if i i go and i get that ring , then tough, its mine, im sorry but its a free for all and thats wot i would hae done, but i aint gone as i respect my guild GREEGGS and all others that wanted to try this rota system out, i think its time to forget the rota, go back to free for all.. thts my opinoin, and yes tryin to help out smaller guilds and bla bla bla is very nice of you, but seriously u think this rota was gonna work??? it was never gonna be tht all will take to it.