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  • FB89

    I've heard Eden is a lot easier, as there are a few nasty leech HP mobs in Brimstone.

    What are the bosses like? (Eden & Brimstone pit).

    Also, that BIG dragon boss guy tends to reset his aggro, correct? I don't know much about it, so I apologise in advance.

    Also, excuse my PW-I terms..

    : D

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    Re: FB89

    Heaven is alot! easyer than devils

    in devils theres a corridor even on wine has about 10 mobs all together ( its a pain )

    and the boss ur on about in devils agro switches very easly plus if u get agro and it moves closer to attack u but ur tank gets it back u still need to get away from the close range aoe which will 2/3 shot most people (i have a screenie of the boss on my comp ill post later on phone atm)I

    iv also died a couple times going up the hill to the last boss in devils because of the aoe cavarly very easy to kill if u get them one at a time even i can tank them no heals on heiro ( level 85 ea)

    heavens is pretty easy iv only died once there that i remember and that was because i fell of the hill into mobs lol ( . . . clever lol)

    DL and ZetEX are probs the experts of devils so i would ask them altho iv heard Ebony has done a few aswell (seen some 89 molds made by them aswell which drops from that agro switching boss)


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      Re: FB89

      Basing my experience of Eden and Brimstone on a private server.

      First thing to note is I was a level 105 Herc veno when I went to solo Eden. 106 when I solo'd Brimstone with a friend as she was going sage. (I went demon, babeh!)

      Since you wine both I will start by saying that Eden has a crapload less mobs. Really, seriously. I wined Eden and for the most part, mobs were few and far between if we exclude escorts.
      I wined Brimstone and corridors were still chock-full of mobs, to the point I would risk life and limb to simply save myself pulling some of the devils.

      Secondly, the 'final' bosses in Eden and Brimstone both tend to reset aggro quite a bit.
      In Eden, the final boss (who I only identify as "guy who rides his camel") will begin by cursing nearby players. Or the tank. I don't know, I wasn't checking to see if he was cursing me, I was busy healing my Herc like there was no tomorrow, because he was doing some mean damage to my poor golden boy. After about half way, this boss has a bad habit of resetting, as I was stealing with pet heal aggro.

      The large dragon boss in Brimstone I don't believe uses a curse, but he has a nasty AoE that was hitting me for a fair bit even when in fox form and the boosted p.def. He resets a lot, pretty much from the get-go. The cleric who was with me (and the person I was solo'ing Brimstone for so they could go sage, oh har) took heal aggro a lot as did I with pet heal.

      However, this doesn't stop the two dungeons being immensely fun. xD