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  • Stormbringer guide (work in progress)

    Welcome to my stormbringer guide in this guide i will try to cover elements of the stormbringer and options of building a stormbringer.


    The stormbringer is one of the several mage (arcane) classes in perfect world and is the only magic class that can cast skills whiles moving. Stormbringers offer a varity of skills such as AoE’s (area of effect) , DoT’s (damage over time) and various other effects. The stormbringer is aligned in both Metal and water damage and you will find most of your skills will offer at least one of theses elements. As well as a variety fo skills the stormbringer offers a set of useless passives and buffs such as Reaper form and blood of the nightshade that we will get into later.

    Stormbringers provide high magic damage that can compete with other mages.
    Like most magic classes a stormbringer has high magical defense.
    Stormbringers are able to cast some of their skills whilst on the move (this unique aspect of this class).
    the Stormbringer has an average channeling speed and casting rate on skills (relatively fast skill speed with a few exceptions)
    has a built in anti stun/speed skills (most magic classes do not have such anti stun skills and will rely on potion and the puri proc effect)
    Many AoEs

    like most magical classes they have low hp and physical defense compared to other classes (this can be offset with shards refines and the stormbringers buff reaper form which provides 300% pdef for a set amount of time)
    have a slower base movement speed than melee classes.

    Class statistics:
    like most magic classes they gain 10 hp per vit point and 20 hp per level.
    There damage stat is Magic and is an important requirement for both damage and wearing high lvl arcane armour and magic weapons.

    common stat builds

    Pure magic(recomended): 4 magic 1 str a lvl till you hit lvl 50 then 5 magic a level. alternitive ways to build this is 9 magic 1 str every two levels till you hit 55 str then rest into magic. in both methods the max your str wants to hit is 55 which is the minimum for end game arcane Armour/weapons

    Vit built : for those who feel to squishy 3 magic 1str/vit each lvl for the vit build you have to ensure you meet the minimum amount of str and magic for equipping gear then add any free points into vit. this build becomes less used as late game the damage from pure magic build is substantially better than the small amount of survivability you will gain from the vit build

    Stormbringer weapons
    Stormbringers similar to psychic’s assassins and duskblades have there own specific type of weapon they must use. The Stormbringers weapon of choice is the Scythe.

    Stormbringer Equipment
    As mentioned previously stormbringers use Arcane armour, the same as other magic classes.
    similar to other magic classes it's recommended to use physical defence ornaments (belt/necklaces) and magic dmg rings. for late game the option of using physical dmg rings and refining them to gain extra pdef is also a considerable option. rings you may do this with for example is nation wars lvl100 rings.

    now that we covered the type of equipment you should use we should talk about options for end game armour.

    Rank 9 3rd forge is the top tier end game and is something someone should aim for on there main as it can easily outclass t3 nivy or other options. t3 nivy is a good option but just dosent compaire to a full set of 3rd forge r9.

    next topic to talk about is gems/sharding.

    this section is pure preference on what you want to build and the budget you may have or time.

    Early game(pre rank 9 or t3 nivy) gems you will wanna use are Hp (critine) or Pdef (garnet) gems depending on your preference. as a early game magic class you will lack both hp and pdef so depending on gear layout and what you're comfortable with gear what you think will suit you in this aspect.

    Now on to late/end-game. one you have a set of armour u wanna keep weather its 3rd forge r9 t3 nivy or a decent cape you will wanna get some good shards for it. there is 3 popular and good options.

    firstly godstones/vitstones. these gems give you +20 vit per stone when equiped to your armour. they come in a variety of different names an example is Primal stone. God stones can be a good option if you lack a lot of hp or wish to gain more hp. as each stone will give u 200 hp. unfortunately you benefit less from this stone compared to other class such as a barb which gains me hp per vit point. Many willa argue this is possibly the least useful option of the 3 as with decent refines your low hp problem will be removed along with the fact that godstones can be expensive going for around 50 million each at time of this guide.

    second option is JOSD (jade of steady defence.This item gives +2 defence levels when equipped into a socket. A simplistic explanation of defence levels are it's a damage reduction status that applies roughly for each defence level over the target's attack lvl a reduction in damage you take.

    more info on def levels check here section 12

    Josd are a good option to for those who wish to increase the survivability of a character though with low hp these fall flat slightly so they will be most commonly used on characters who are able to refine their gear up to increase their hp that way.

    the third option is Diety stones which gives you +2 attack levels which produce the opposite effect of josd. diety stones are used to increase your characters damage and can be very effective. the downside of sharding diety stones are unless using godstones or josd you're not increases your survivability which may leave you less tanky than someone who picked either of those options. but diety build classes can pump out a lot of damage so this will require a less forgiving playstyle which involves avoiding damage and ganking situations using foreplanning, positioning, pots, your genie and skills.

    now the three main options are out there you may be thinking but i think ill like benefits from both. thats alright you don't have to shard fully one set. but if you shard for example 4 gs 4 josd and 4 diety stones you're spreading yourself thin and they become less effective. A common mix i've come across is the gs/josd mix. this is there you shard 4-8 gs into your gear (usually cape and hat) then the rest of your armour shard josd. it a good option to do as it increases your hp for a magic class by 400-800 other classes vary slightly whilst also giving you the advantages of higher def levels. both defence levels and attack levels provide minimalistic results in low amounts so its recommended to build a lot of them or not to bother.

    All the sharding is suggestions so feel free to experiment and find what suits you and your playstyle.
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    Stormbringer in PvE has many advantages for both solo and group application such as Lunar Guidance buff which will reduce incoming normal damage for both you and your party. (mobs will usually do this type of damage). The Ability to move whiles casting certain skills is also very usefull it allows you to kite mobs whiles still sustaining damge which can allow you to fight mobs higher level than you.

    For single target fights i will generally follow a simple combo of Downburst(spam) -> Cloudburst (keep that magic defence reduced more more dmg)-> Ice bullet(keep that mob away form you)
    All of these skills allow you to move and kite during the process.

    if you need extra CC you can add in Tidal force which will give u some alright samge as well as chance to freeze though during this u have ot stand still.

    For instance runs or aoe grinding you have 4 very good aoes at your disposal:

    ThunderStrike- this is a ranged AoE at lvl 11 has 27 meters range dose alright damage as well as applys a debuff that will do extra dmg what foe reches low hp

    Fridged Thunder- similar to Thunder strike it is a ranged aoe but can apply immobilization for several seconds and can be good to try keep multiple mobs in a position far away

    Deafening Thunder-Aoe slow and attack rate recude and has a decent radius especially demon version and good for slowing the dps of the mobs which are close by to you

    Lunar Surge- similar to deafening thunder its a Aoe Around you. it provides a aoe kockback which increases further if you have 2 ice charges and 1 thunder charge

    A good AoE combo would be to Thunder Strike-> fridged Thunder -> deafening thunder-> lunar Surge

    if fridges thunder procks and mobs are impoablied at a distance you could also add in Super cell if you have the sparks. be wary though this skill is alot longer cast time that the others. Other thing to note is these skills your unable to cast on the move. so before aoeing abunch of mobs be sure your able to tank them some tips to help you tank would be the use of reaper fourm as well as the AoE nockback to allow charm to tick if needed.

    other skills that can be used but wernt mentioned further up are
    Tidal force and Moonsoon
    both these do aoe damage in straight line so can be ahrd to aim at all your mobs. Tidal force is a good skill as it can also provide AoE Freeze similar to Occult ice and the skill becomes easyer to hit when demmon version as the aoe radius increases.

    Moonsoon is also good option once you demon/sage as sage has chance to amp targets whiles demon has a change to reduce dmg you take.

    For bosses in a group what you can do will variy deepending on your gear the gear of your party as well as the boss it self here generalised ideas.

    If your Gear is alot weaker than the party members your with you will likly be doing less dmg than most of them in this cituation things that can help increase the damage to the boss will be the following 3 skills

    Avitar of the storm-This works similar to a pet so it shouldent be effected by ? lvl bosses reduction it also has fairly decent atatck rate but provides less dmg

    Lunar shadow (79 skill)- this creates a pet that is the mirror image of you. as a pet ist not effected by the lvl reduce from ? lvl bosses and also comes with a heal stun and aoe

    Searing Moonlight (main skill to use)- this skill cost 150chi and is a channel type skill where it stops only once cancelled. it applies 1% increased dmg per hit and can stack up to 15% more dmg. With the riptide expansion the amp stacking effect can increase up to 30% with the primal upgrade. This amplification will allow your party member to do more dmg to the boss.

    if you have the best gear in your squad or about equal to everyone els you can still use searing moon for the amplify but what els might be effective is spamming Downburst and sonic boom whilst debuffing magic defence with cloudburst. Things to do to increase dmg would be triple spark but also using reaper form will increase the dmg of those still by 33% so you can get pretty good dmg from triple sparked reaper form.

    feel free to post info you feel will improve/benifit this guide here in this post
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    Numb lvl 105 Psy
    ~Zeref~ lvl 100 SB

    "‘Checkmate’ doesn’t mean you’ve simply cornered the enemy king. It's a declaration that the enemy king is yours. "
    ―Sora to Izuna, Ino, and Miko (Anime Episode 12)

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      Numb lvl 105 Psy
      ~Zeref~ lvl 100 SB

      "‘Checkmate’ doesn’t mean you’ve simply cornered the enemy king. It's a declaration that the enemy king is yours. "
      ―Sora to Izuna, Ino, and Miko (Anime Episode 12)

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