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  • Discord Easter Egg Hunt

    Greetings all,

    This Easter to commemorate our new discord server we are holding a Easter egg hunt.
    All discord users will be able to obtain Easter prizes this weekend simply by being active on our discord server.

    When does the event begin?
    Start: 14.04.2017 20:00 server-time
    End: 17.04.2017 20:00 server-time

    How do I play?
    1. Connect to our discord server (details on how to connect below).
    2. When you have joined, type the following into any chat room (this bit is important to get your prizes)
    !setIGN (your characters name)
    3. Begin your hunt! There are a few ways to find eggs, have a look at our hints below to start you off.

    The Eggs & Rewards

    Rewards can only be obtained once per user, with the exception of the Golden Egg which will have only one winner.
    All rewards will be mailed to your in-game character after the event has ended.
    Name Description / Hint Prize
    Luxury chevron egg. ...No hint yet. Amethyst Guardian Charm
    Blue with pattern. ...No hint yet 10x Golden Eggs
    A trio of eggs. ...HINT: How many at launch? Platinum Spirit Charm
    Pink, with stripes and flower patterned. ...HINT: Snowballs least favourite food? 1x War avatar treasure Box
    Pink with polka-dot pattern. All tied up in a blue bow. ...No hint yet. SnowBall Pet Egg
    Red with heart pattern. Full of love! ...No hint yet. 50x Nebular Dust Orb
    A lovely red Easter egg, of oriental origin. ...No hint yet. 5 x Flurry Ascension
    Yellow with pattern. ...No hint yet. 50 x Telecoustics
    Shiny, unique and ultra rare, only one exists! ...No hint yet. Permanent Egg Smiley
    Some hints require an answer.
    To submit an answer, you must type into any discord channel the following command:
    !Hunt [your answer]

    What is Discord?
    Discord is a free to use chat platform, similar to a chat box on a website. In addition to chat rooms, there are also separate voice channels that users can use. PWE have set up a private discord for players and staff of PWE to use.

    How do I connect to Discord?
    If you do not want to download a client, you can access our discord server via your internet browser using this link:
    Or if you have it installed, use this code in the discord application: cuWG6wW

    Good luck and happy hunting!
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