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  • Red vs Blue

    Are you ready for some PvP action? if so get your armament ready to fight!

    Location: Players will meet at Arch south city Khatru Pup (529, 632)
    Date: 08/01/17
    Server-Time: 19:00

    1.You must be white named(PvP enabled) During this event. Players caught in blue name will be banned for the event.
    2.Players will only have 1 life each round. So once you die you're out and must wait for the next round to begin.
    3.Teams may only Fight using their own buffs (You may buff your allies but you canít gain buffs from sources other than your team members)
    4.Good sportsmanship is encouraged, those acting rude or abusive will be asked to leave the event.
    5.All GM decisions are final.

    Rules are subject to change under GM discretion.

    Banned skills/buffs/Items

    Buff Potion- Items such as spirit of defence and spirit of offence are prohibited as your restricted to self buff from your class or squad buffs from your party member. This also includes pots such as shinning pill and nws buffs

    Resurrect (Cleric/Mystic/Pot) - This is banned as players may not resurrect once they die

    Stealth rules - Players may only stealth for 10 seconds at a time, Exceeding this time limit will cause disqualification.(this rule is subject to GMís discretion)

    Iron Guard - This potion is prohibited. Players seen using this will be disqualified.


    To be decided based on player attendance, their will be participation prizes.
    Game Master

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