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Defend the Flag

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  • Defend the Flag

    The Place: Anglers Village Hemera Server
    The Event: Protect your Flag
    The Prize: Losing team will recieve a Golden Heirogram each, Winning team will recieve a Platinum Heirogram each and a bonus.

    Defend The Flag
    As this is a PvP event we strongly reccommend players stock up on Decoy charms to ensure they don't drop any items. Participation is considered own risk and GM's will not get involved over disputes over lost items. All areas around The Shatterede Jade Shore are considered PvP zones for the duration of the event and any players caught in there are fair game.

    Teams will be picked and balanced on the day and they will have to protect their GM Flags. Each flag is identical with the same gear and hit points and they cannot attack or defend themselves. It is up to each team to repel attackers and to take down the other groups flag by any means necessary.

    You are allowed to buff and heal your flags but remember first side to 10 kills wins!

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    Re: Defend the Flag

    Back with popular demand!

    Join us for this event at Anglers Village Hemera Server on Monday 23rd July at 8pm. Please read the full brief above before attending.

    Don't forget Guardian Scrolls ;)