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  • Gift of Gratitude

    Seasons greetings!

    Nothing spreads Christmas spirit then the gift of charity! And in this event, you will have the opportunity to win an amazing prize for a fellow player or friend.

    Do you know someone who deserves to win? Perhaps they have helped you and you wish to thank them? Maybe they are a great player who deserves some appreciation? Perhaps they are a loyal guildy who is dedicated to helping your guild? Or maybe they just deserve an extra present this Christmas! This event will give the opportunity to those friendly, kind and helpful players to win some well deserved gifts.

    If you would like to see yourself nominate, then why not help out a fellow friend? Perhaps if you show some extra kindness this season you will see yourself nominated! Or just simply ask someone to nominate you - but remember they will need a good reason!

    How to enter
    1. Post below with the name of the player you would like to nominate (please go by there most well known name)
    2. Give a detailed reason on why you think they deserve to win! The more you describe, or more detailed reason you give, the better the chance they have to win. Think of it as if you are trying to persuade me that they are a nice person ;)
    3. The name of your own character you would like to receive your participation prize on.

    How to win
    • 1 player will be carefully selected to win the grand prize - although more may win depending on how many participate/are nominated.
    • All players who are nominated will win a small gift.
    • All players who participate will win a small gift.
    Grand Prize
    • 1000 cubi - credited to their account.
    • 2000 Nebula Dust Orb
    • 50 War Avatar Treasure Box
    • Mount or Flyer of their choice
    • Permanent Smiley set of their choice
    • Custom Title: The Benevolent
    Participant Prize (you can only receive once)
    • 5 War Avatar Chest
    Nominated Prize (you can only receive once)
    • 5 War Avatar Chest
    • You may not vote for yourself - we will check all post for authenticity and there will be a severe punishment for those who try to cheat.
    • Please only say nice things, no troll posts and do not question other peoples votes.
    • You may nominate as many players as you wish, but individual reasons are required
    • GM decision is final.

    Entry Template:
    The name of the player you wish to nominate
    A detailed reason as to why you wish for them to win.
    Need ideas?
    Describe the kind of person they are. What you like about them. What you are grateful for them doing. Write about a memory you have where you feel grateful to them.
    Your Name:
    Your full character name
    PwE Game Master & Game Sage Manager
    Satine Satiyn SATiNE Satina Stellah

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    I nominate Tinkle
    simply because shes always helping people and shes just always so nice and polite, shes among my oldest friends on the server and i think my best memory with her is back when i was like 13ish and i had made a guild called "friends" and she really helped out in there but saying that i have so many good memories with her its hard to pick the best one hehe

    PWE Player since 15th January 2009
    8 years and counting♥
    Head Game Sage.
    Forum Moderator.


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      i nominate Haxor
      i know alot of ppl hate him for whatever reason cos his gear etc. what ppl dont see is amount he helps ppl. recently we got round 4-6 new ppl who came over from abyss server. he gave away so much on gear and ingame currency to help them gear up. everyone here knows my db got banned regardless of reasons. he helped me get the same db basically again by me making a new one and he help with r9 refines etc. if ppl would actually get to know him they would see he good guy, just treats way ppl treat him. so i think yea haxor a good candidate for this cos he does help even when other ppl dont see it.



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        I nominate FannyMay
        She is always helpful and caring, not only will she help with in game events and instances, but she is also sympathetic and caring and will always try and cheer people up or defuse conflict. She really cares about people.

        Also nominate Tinkle for always being helpful in obtaining materials and for looking out for other players and giving of her time and knowledge.

        Also nominate Teddy Bear, he also gives generously of his time and knowledge and is always there to help and assist in gathering materials and for being a caring Leader..

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          It is impossible to nominate just ONE person.......these people were and are operating in the background without making any fuss, never argue on world chat, never make a scene and form part of the very core of our faction ......................askickerdad comes to mind, and although he is not with us anymore, I nominate to honor his memory and all the help he has given me since the 2nd of September 2017. He helped me reach 300K rep to get my R9 and many other things I am truly thankful for. Tinkle, the beautiful person who so selflessly help EVERYONE, and you can be assured, if you pm Tinkle, Tinkle will be there for you. Thank you for the endless Warsong runs!!!! Janja/Am - Never say no to a request for help, always on HELP duty no matter what!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SAGE PSY BOOKS it is greatly appreciated!!- Roadrage - the silent fluffy barb, who shares his NW tokens with me because I cannot run with the damn flag, I am too slow, that helps me with refining orbs to get my gear refined.....THANK YOU ALL FOR THE IMPORTANT PART YOU PLAY IN THE SUCCESS OF OUR FACTION :) Love ya all!! ♥♥♥ Miss Fanny (FannyMay)
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            Hmm where to start..... I wanna thank:
            askickerdad for being yourself. Soo helpful, never complains, been there for everyone, helped the community go to a next level.
            Shim, kinda the same as dad, always give the full 100% never complains always help on ur spare time. thanks.

            AdminFranK for keeping the server up and running and getting us new content
            Satine for helping people in trouble, supporting the community and holding events
            Index for helping the community and holding events

            Kalnietis for being guild leader alone. I know how hard it can be!
            SaSuke for the help you gave to this community
            Am/Amleth for the help you gave to this community

            Tinkle, always the helpful one, been around for soo long on this server! always nice to chat with u
            Sassy_girl_ for your lovely sharings on world chat.

            to be continued when I got more time
            TeddyBear - Somebody - Moozy