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X-Mas Decoration Screenshot Competition

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  • X-Mas Decoration Screenshot Competition

    Seasons greetings, PWE!
    We are calling all creative people (and even those who are not) to capture the spirit of Christmas in our screenshot competition. As Archosaur has been decorated in Christmas Spirit as well as some winter themed Homestead, there are plenty of photo opportunities to be found.

    To enter:
    • Post your screenshot bellow.

    • The screenshot must be your own.
    • The screenshot must have some Christmas Theme to it.
    • Must be of PW Europe.
    • Winner will be judged by the GM team, NOT by forum poll, our decision is final.
    • Poster agrees to grant the PWE team license to use this, and all submissions, as they see fit.
    • Enter as many times as you want, you will only win once, and receive participation prize once.

    Need inspiration?
    • Screenshots of the decorations in Archosaur or Frigid Bay.
    • A romantic Christmas date shot. Dress up!
    • Guild Christmas dress up.
    • Christmas Events.
    • Snowy scene.
    • Winter Homestead
    • X-Mas Homestead

    1st Place - 500 Cubi and 1 mount of your choice (flying or pet).
    2nd Place - 300 Cubi and 50 x Crown of Sochi.
    3rd Place - 100 Cubi and Baby Pet of your choice.

    Participation Prize:
    Little Star Pet Egg

    Entry Closes 31st December 23:59
    PwE Game Master & Game Sage Manager
    Satine Satiyn SATiNE Satina Stellah

  • #2
    the eyes thoughh :3

    theres some big prezzies here :o

    selfie with lord snowman

    got rewarded for praying to lord snowman hehe

    im more curious to how them decorations got up there in the first place...

    dont worry guys theres no witches in there... maybe hansel and gretal already took care of her

    1st of december... ive put my xmas tree up :D

    ooo presents under the tree.. guess ive been a good foxy this year :3

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