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Spooky Story Competition 2017

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  • Spooky Story Competition 2017

    Welcome to the Spooky Story Competition, to participate in this event you will need write a spooky story set in Perfect World Europe.

    Note: You do not have to write an entire novel you can give us a short story as long as it follows the rules.

    1.The story must be your own work.
    2.The spooky story must be relevant to Perfect world.
    3.The story must be at least 100 words long (it can be longer).
    4.Winner will be judged by the GM team, NOT by forum poll, our decision is final.
    5.You may update or change your entries up until the closing date(posts edited after the deadline will not be counted).
    6.Poster agrees to grant the PWE team license to use this, and all submissions, as they see fit.
    7. One entry per player.

    Circumventing or ignoring any of the above rules may result in a disqualification.

    Deadline: Midnight (forum-time) 01/11/2017

    1st place; 500 cubi & Flyer of your choice
    2nd place 250 cubi
    3rd place; 125 cubi
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    well... someones gotta start this of...
    lets get ready for bad storytelling and spelling ayyyeee?
    dont mindd me ill be over on ma wagon cringing @[email protected]

    Its the night of halloween and noone can be seen, not a noise can be heard other then the locking of the doors, with there blessings outside they hope for a peacefull night. Though tonight will be different not like every year, for our queen GM Satine has decided there is nothing to fear, with her loyal GM companion Index and her Game Sages at her side she decides that tonight is the night that no evil will get by.
    As they head to 1k the bells chimes 12 and out came the spirts from the hell in which they had dwelled. Satine called out for them all to be awear for hell would of been safer for them if they decide to interfere. The spirts hear the warning, loud and clear, some abide whats been said while others want to create fear. For thoses who listened no harm came for they just wanted peace and so it was gave, the trouble makers however such a lesson they learnt went crying to there boss... and so the undead king decided to return.
    With a storm now raging the Game Sages shake for the undead king was a legend and was believed to be fake, and so out he came from the depths of hell. His eyes filled with fire and fur that was surprisingly clean King Frank was here for all to see, the Game Sages laugh at such a site for the King was just a Tiger and not scary at all that was untill he pounced forward and ate them all up... so thats the end of the story because who knows what happened, did he eat everyone i wonder?
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      A very long time ago at the time of the ancient mysteries there was General Bear at the front of the temple of heroes. Holding his speech about the great victory of Archosaur. After the speech a big party was held of all who’s fought for General Bear. The party continued till after midnight. There was food, drinks, music and dancing. People were happy over the victory. What they didn't know was that at that night a ghostly creature appeared. A creature so fierce that everyone started running away. The ghost chased them as killed them with the point of his finger. Every single soul who died there that day is still wandering around what is now called the tomb of heroes. Be careful that you’re not the next victim!
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