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  • Fathers Day WordSearch

    In honor of Fathers day - doing a word search event using male player character names.

    How to play: In the grid below you will find 39 names, it is recommended that you open the picture into paint or something similar, once you've found a name highlight it or put a ring around it (but make it clear) to simulate that you found it. Once you think you have found them all you then send your edited copy to me via here on the forum (please send it in PM to avoid people copying your answers) or via me ( Hermione(Hermy) ) on the discord server (again please send in PM to avoid people copying your answer) so i can see if your answers are correct and to also have your time.
    Hint: all names have 3 or more letters.

    On Friday 16th June a list of the player names will be added to this thread to help those who are struggling to find the names.
    This event will finish on Sunday 18th June at 11:59pm.

    All participants will receive; Gift Pouch
    Thank you everyone for taking part!

    First prize: 100 cubi - Esirama
    Second prize: 50 cubi - Sassy_girl_
    Third prize: 25 cubi - TeddyBear
    Thank you also to askickerdad, TerraWrist, MissLToe and DunHiII for also getting involved - Satine has been notified to give you your rewards.

    1st, 2nd and 3rd prize requires all 39 names and depends on the 3 that give the answers back the fastest. Entrants after that will receive a participation prize - if you are unable to find all 39 names you could still qualify for the participation reward however you must have at least 20 names. (however I do encourage you to find all 39)

    Names to be found: haxor, teddybear, ichigokurosaki/kurosaki (i will accept either but it only counts as one) apiss, engel, crys, daredevil, sombra, sasuke, trespasser, fear, undertaker, lyxx, askickerdad, ellion, hamza, numb, amleth, cub, kalnietis, hellsik, yoake, kyssa, wessi, ainzooalgown, blitzkrieg, akaimike, milarcher, themanhim, radicaldream, baker, darklycan, neoneo, vandamme, pandaking, frank, isamu, olaf, dunhill.

    If you find a name that isn't in this list please let me know so i can confirm if you can use it.
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