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    Santa needs your help in collecting his gifts!
    Before starting quest make sure to speak to Santa and pick up the public quest

    In this event you will need to help Santa retrieve his gifts. You can do this by selecting it and using the penguin launcher to knock it away from you. You will repeat this process until you have pushed the gift into the gingerbread house next to Santa.

    Location: Snowdragon Heights (frigid bay 443, 202)
    Server-Time’s: 10:00, 14:00 ,18:00

    >To participate in this event you must be at least lvl 30
    >Have acquired a Penguin Launcher from Toto (next to Santa) you have a limited period of time to acquire this before toto disappears.
    Example : 13:59 - 14:15 for Noon

    To acquire a penguin launcher you must bring Toto the appropriate ticket

    Penguin Launcher : Dawn /Noon/Dusk

    You can obtain these tickets once a day by completing the quest ‘Emperor's Cruise’ which can be obtained at the Penguin-mart Shopkeeper at frigid bay.

    You will receive rewards based on the total amount of gifts everyone has delivered to santa, once the event a new NPC called toto’s <inset teir> chest. You will collect your rewards here by handing in your penguin launcher as well as 1 Penguin Family Badge which you will have received at the end of the event.

    Items you can obtain from this are as follows:
    >Holy Pill
    > Snowman Paster
    >Radiant Shard
    >War Avatar Pack C
    >Primordial Blood
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