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Server maintenance 03/12/17 - 10am

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  • Server maintenance 03/12/17 - 10am

    We are going to proceed to a small server maintenance and client patch this sunday at 10am
    As usual the server should be offline for less than 15mn.

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    The server is now back online!

    Patch Notes

    Thursday Night Fights
    • NPC spawns have had their spawn time adjusted, so the event should now be in full working order.
    • This event may have a minimum player requirement, so remember to invite your friends!

    • Pet level boundaries have been altered to improve late game pet levelling, as suggested by a number of players.
    • Starting from level 101, 4000 XP is required to level up your pet. This is a huge improvement from before.

    Snowmen Event (Major Cities)
    • The Snowmen have had a full loot table re-work and should now drop a selection of X-mas and Homestead themed items.
    • Drops include: X-mas hat fashion, X-mas Designgraphs, Minor Homestead Supply Bag, Random Pigment

    Sunset Valley
    • A brand new rewards urn has been added in North Archosaur City at (546, 673). There is a variety of different rewards you can craft with Gold Fusion Stones.
    Adamantite Powder
    War Avatar Catalyst
    Ecstasy Card

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