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Christmas Events 2017!

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  • Christmas Events 2017!

    Seasons greetings all,

    Below is a summary of the on-going events happening throughout December. We'll also be holding some other Christmas Events which will usually be seen posted in the Random Events forum section and on our Facebook Page.

    Advent Calendar
    Each day until the 24th a screenshot is revealed, the first to guess the associated question wins a prize!
    You can view a table at the end of this post for quick links to see if the prize has been won for today.

    Christmas Decorations
    Archosaur City has been decorated with an assortment of Christmas Decorations and Lights. Capture the celebration with a screenshot, and the best will in a prize! Santa may even have time to award all who participate.
    Full details here:

    Gift of Gratitude
    Win some incredible prices for a friend this year by nominating them for the gift of gratitude! Who knows, if you spread kindness this christmas, you may see yourself nominated to win too.
    Full details here:

    X-Mas Crossword
    Complete the word search to win some new decorations for your homestead! Unique and exclusive items which cannot be obtained in-game!
    Full details here:

    Emperor's Cruise
    This is a daily event you can do. Head to Penguin-mart Shopkeeper (455, 211) to pick up the quest. You can receive daily Primordial Bloods, Holy Pills, EXP and Event tickets.
    check prize is same this year Details here:

    Santa's Gifts
    This Event happens 3 times daily. In-order to participate you must have completed the Emperors Cruise daily and received the Event cards.
    This is a group event, you must work together to collect as many presents for Santa. There is no individual score, but a group score. The server collectively must bring as many presents for Santa as they can. After 15 minutes you will be able to dig either Bronze, Silver, or Gold Chest depending how well the server did in the event.

    Head to (442, 201) at 10:00 AM, 14:00 PM and 18:00 PM to participate.
    Details here:

    Snowmen Invasion
    Look out for snowmen invading most major cities in PWE. This is an easy event suitable for all levels.

    Thousand Stream and Sky Invasion
    This will be on the 23rd December at 16:00.

    There will also be plenty more events in-game so be sure to check out the forum, and Facebook page regularly.

    ~The GM Team

    Advent Calendar

    M T W T F S S
    Congrats Hermione
    Congrats Hermione
    Congrats TeddyBear
    Congrats Parafox
    Congrats TeddyBear
    Congrats Sassy_girl_
    Congrats TeddyBear
    Congrats TeddyBear
    9 10
    11 12 13 14 15 16 17
    18 19 20 21 22 23 24
    25 26 27 28 29 30 31
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