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Veteran Player Rewards - Elysium Patch

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  • Veteran Player Rewards - Elysium Patch

    Dear all,

    With the recent patch now offering starter items to help new players, we'll now be offering all veteran players the chance on the items that they missed out.

    All characters made before 10:00am 20/04/2017 qualify for these rewards.

    We'll be offering, for free, all veteran players:
    • 35k reputation.
    • Level 100 (Only if your character is below level 100)
    • Max Inventory
    • Max Cupboard
    • Max Fashion Bag
    • Max Quest List

    TT99 Gear will NOT be given. If you want it you can create a new character for it (its trade-able). We won't do this as its a nightmare to create and mail all characters.

    How do I claim my rewards?
    • Log in to your account at
    • Click My account > Ticket/Support Listings
    • Enter the account email, and your account name (not your real name) - Example can be seen bellow
    • Select General Enquiry as the topic
    • Tell us the full name of your veteran character.
    • Wait for a response on further instructions.
    Note, we expect many tickets during this time, so please consider that it may take some time to process all players rewards.

    Why did we put the new starter packs in?

    The new help and items was put in to encourage new players to stay. PWE has been around for many successful years, and many of you have grown into incredible players and characters with hard work and time. For new players it can be a pretty daunting task to level up and put together some fairly decent starter gear. Having these items for free (its also their choice, they can chose to sell the item if they wish) will hopefully encourage new players to stay.
    Levelling up isn't as hard as it used to be back in the old days. With a bit of money, anyone can level pretty much instantly in a game and even without, it doesnt take as long as it used to in the original days. We're just simply offering this now for free. All players will still need to level normally for the remainder levels, as well as do all their rebirth by themselves.

    None of this was added as a piss-take to veteran/long-term players, we love you all. We purely want our game to be more popular, so more instances are run, more guilds are created, and more fun is had - overall more players will only aid our server and help it thrive.

    If you have any further questions, please reply below and I'll do my best to respond to you all.

    Example ticket:

    PwE Game Master & Game Sage Manager
    Satine Satiyn SATiNE Satina Stellah

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    Is that 35K rep added, or the rep set if below?

    Does the level jump include reborn characters?


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      Originally posted by Parafox View Post
      Is that 35K rep added, or the rep set if below?

      Does the level jump include reborn characters?
      Its an addition 35k rep ontop of what you have already earned.

      For the level - its only for characters under 100 and no rebirth.

      As of this time, I've replied to all tickets with further instructions where necessary.

      To check the status of your ticket, and see its replies, you will need to do this:
      • Log in to your account at
      • Click My account > Ticket Listings
      • Right click the ticket ID, select "Open in new tab"
      • Copy the Ticket ID and email into the form to view the ticket.
      In the event you didn't log into the account when you made the ticket, you will need to check your email for instructions on how to view your ticket.

      PwE Game Master & Game Sage Manager
      Satine Satiyn SATiNE Satina Stellah


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        Important question, do the veteran rewards also apply to getting Celestial Sage/Demon cultivation? Or just the things listed here? (level (if not reborn), rep, bag extensions, quest list).


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          I hearing horror stories about losing gear when getting Veteran Player Rewards ----- now I not sure what to do after I already put in tickets ---can't afford to lose CoM or WoA as I heard has happened ----------------


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            unsure to if what you've heard is actually true, but if it helps i know many who have not had any issues and i myself on two chars received no issue
            PWE Player since 15th January 2009
            8 years and counting♥
            Head Game Sage.
            Forum Moderator.


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              thks that is reassuring


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                I am curious as to when we can expect the veteran players reward? It's been about two weeks since I have requested mine and I've still not received it. Can you please give me an estimated time frame? Thanks


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                  Hi Fraea, did u check if you didn't had any replies yet on your ticket?
                  TeddyBear - Somebody - Moozy