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Double EXP & Increased Drops | Happy Easter from PwE Vision!

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  • Double EXP & Increased Drops | Happy Easter from PwE Vision!

    Dear all,

    We'd like to wish all of Perfect World Europe a Happy Easter.
    To celebrate we will be having Double EXP & Increased drop rates throughout the Easter weekend. The event will begin at 00:00 14/04/2017 and end 00:00 18/04/2017.

    In addition to this, look out for the Easter events popping up in-game and on our forum.

    *** NOTE *** Training Esoterica and Martial Arts Scroll do not work during double EXP events

    A highlight of whats to come:

    Easter Egg Hunt
    Friday to Monday - Random times
    The Easter Bunny has scattered its seasonal treats throughout the lands of PwE. Keep an eye out for the broadcast-ed clues from the Easter Bunny for your chance to find his prizes! Suitable for all levels.

    Discord Easter Egg Hunt
    Friday 20:00 - Monday 20:00
    Come join us on our discord server's hunt for Easter eggs earning your selves in-game rewards!
    Full details here:

    Archosaur Invasion
    Saturday - 9:00am (all day)
    Our usual Invasion will be on during double EXP weekend so be sure to stock up on your hypers.

    Arena Treasure
    Saturday - 19:00 - 21:00 pm
    Our weekly PvP event at Archosaur Arena with a twist.
    From 19:00 - 20:00 Enjoy some extra Easter themed goodies. This is a PvP event so teams are advised.
    Full details here:

    Easter Sky Invasion
    Easter Sunday - 19:00 pm
    Enjoy our huge XP event with double XP also active. This event is recommended for all levels, with higher level mobs in the sky, and an easier to kill area on the ground.

    Trivia Tournament
    Monday - 15:00 pm
    Participate in the Spring & Easter themed trivia event hosted by our very own Head Game Sage, Hermione. Sign up to the event on her forum topic. You can join from 14:30pm by entering her chat room in-game. Turn up early to be sure you don't miss out. Full details & sign-up here:

    And more...

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