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Team Positions Available - Game Sage/Forum Moderator

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  • Team Positions Available - Game Sage/Forum Moderator

    Hello All,

    We are currently looking for:

    3 Game Sage
    1 Forum Manager

    The Game Sage team is a group of players who frequently open a Support chat room in-game where players can go to for help or have questions answered in relation to the game and server. They will also be expected to occasionally scout new player areas to offer help and guidance to new player (also perfect for guild recruitment). In addition to this, Game Sages occasionally assist GM organised events or hold events of their own.

    The Forum Moderator Team are active members of the PWE forum, who assist with any technical or in-game issues posted. They will also host occasional forum events for players, and monitor posts for rule-breakers or disrespect.

    Skills/characteristics we are looking for:
    • Vast knowledge of the game, and server rules, and a law abiding player.
    • Excellent communication and people skills.
    • A pleasant personality.
    • Committed to help players.
    • Discretion and confidentiality.
    • Unbiased decision making skills.
    • Can login regularly during the week.
    • Happy to use discord as a communications portal.

    What we are not looking for:
    • People who have a limited amount of time to commit to team.
    • Rude or aggressive players, who could potentially give a bad name to the team or server.

    If you are interested in either of these positions, please send me a forum mail with your application.
    Alternatively, if you have a friend who you think would be good for either position you can nominate them by sending their name to me in a forum message.

    Things you may wish to include in your application:
    • Your main-character name, and alts you are well know for.
    • A little bit about yourself and personality.
    • Which position you are applying for.
    • How long you have played on PWE.
    • If you are also an active player on PWI, and are very familiar with new releases.
    • Why you should be chosen for this position.

    All applications will be read,assessed and taken into careful consideration.

    You can apply for both roles, and if a fitting candidate be given both roles.

    Thank you and good luck!

    PwE Game Master & Game Sage Manager
    Satine Satiyn SATiNE Satina Stellah

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    For the people who have not used discord before you can find there website here

    You can join our Discord server by following this link
    Game Master

    Game RulesRulesDiscord


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      If you are still wanting to apply, make sure that you submit your applications by the end of Friday, as I'll be going over all the applications received this weekend!
      PwE Game Master & Game Sage Manager
      Satine Satiyn SATiNE Satina Stellah


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        Most things i already do on regular bases. As member of the pwe community and helping those who are new. I dont need a special title for it :). My primairy focus in my faction also dont think i can handle undecided, i probely will always choose for my faction before others, although i help alot of people outside the faction as well. Got a lot of knowledge of the game and its posibilities.
        TeddyBear - Somebody - Moozy